[SunRescue] More computer room pics

Hatle Hatle
Mon Sep 25 07:14:09 CDT 2000

Cool pictures, James! Amongst other goodies, I notices the 3B1/UnixPC
sitting up on one of the shelves. I've still got mine, along with it's big
brother the 3B2/600 and the funky 'blit' terminal.


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   It's been a while since anybody offered pictures of their computer
room, and I just got a digital camera, so I figure it's my turn.
You can check it out at www.picarefy.com/~jwbirdsa/the_borg (the Borg
being the large wooden shelving structure that has assimilated most
of the room), prominently featuring a lot of old Sun hardware. The
server itself is a 3/80 that you can kind of see in IMAGE001, in the
background to the left of the Sun monitor.

   --James B.
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