[SunRescue] More computer room pics

ReagenWardward at zilla.nu ReagenWardward at zilla.nu
Mon Sep 25 01:38:19 CDT 2000

On Mon, Sep 25, 2000 at 01:27:06AM -0400, Mike Nicewonger wrote:
> You guys and gals are all in trouble when I get moved into my new place. I
> have and expect to set up on my network at least one of the following:
> Mac 68K
> Mac PPC
> x86
> Sparc
> Ultra-Sparc
> MIPS (Cobalt)
> Alpha

I've got all of the above except for UltraSPARC and Alpha, but I also have:

MIPS (Compaq CE box running NetBSD)
StrongARM (CATS)
Power (IBM)
PowerPC (IBM)
AT&T (Old 3B2s, not functioning)
VAX (VAXStation)
NeXT 68k
NeWS 68k (needs power supply)
Mac G4

> As for the Cats, my downstairs cat, (real name Fiona, common name Physico
> Cat) is great at staying off the gear. The upstairs cat(real name Sweetie
> Pie, common name Fuzz) likes to curl up under my Indigo 2.

My cats tend to get inside anything warm and electrical.  I think they like the


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