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Sun Sep 24 14:40:44 CDT 2000

"Greg A. Woods" wrote:
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> > What's with your cats? Mine are always draped across a keyboard - not
> > sitting nicely not getting into trouble <grin>.
> Our cats don't really like keyboards -- and it's not really that we
> trained them that way, but perhaps they learned the hard way by stepping
> too many times on not-obviously-flat-and-sturdy surfaces and they
> generally just avoid them (thank goodness!).

We've had incidents like that.  Our little female tabby (real name:
Breakfast, common name: Widdle) has a thing for chasing mouse cursors,
and climbing over my SGI Indigo to get to the window.  I tend to frown
on this behaviour, as we're 25 floors into the sky.

The larger, older cat (real name: Smack, common name: Lardass) is just
too cool for all this hopping around.  He sits on the couch, and watches
from afar what's going on in the computer room.  I prefer his approach.

Either which, I hate the weekly removal of cat hair from the insides of
machines.  I read a great quote about Indigos acting as vacuum
cleaners.  I thought of placing mine on a cat or two.

> My wife says we should build cat-walks around the ceilings of all the
> rooms in the house so they can meander around up above everyone as cats

I thought about doing this with enclosed clear plastic tubing.  Figured
it would be pretty nifty.  Thing is, our apartment isn't big enough to
make it interesting. :)


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