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> Subject: RE: [SunRescue] More computer room pics
> What's with your cats? Mine are always draped across a keyboard - not
> sitting nicely not getting into trouble <grin>.

Our cats don't really like keyboards -- and it's not really that we
trained them that way, but perhaps they learned the hard way by stepping
too many times on not-obviously-flat-and-sturdy surfaces and they
generally just avoid them (thank goodness!).

One of our cats (the half Siamese) gets her own basket on my (rather
large L-shaped) desk, right in front of the (large) window (which looks
out to the street) and she generally just stays there, unless she wants
something in which case she stands on my keyboard wrist pad in front of
me so that I can neither type nor see what I'm typing.

The other (calico) just scratches the back of my chair when she wants
out, or a drink, or food.  Unless she wants to climb, in which case she
hops on the corners of the desk and eagerly eyes the top of the filing
cabinets or the shelves, etc.  ;-)

In the computer room downstairs they just run around the racks (because
that's about the only free path there is to run around!  :-)

My wife says we should build cat-walks around the ceilings of all the
rooms in the house so they can meander around up above everyone as cats
are meant to do.....  (she saw a "Weird Homes" show where a guy had done
this to his whole house)

My real mess is in the garage (which is still not far enough away for my
wife's liking) where my PDPs and most Sun3's are in storage along with
lots of other junk that's stacked past the rafters!  :-)

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