[SunRescue] Can someone tell me what I just bought please?

fernande at internet1.netfernande fernande at internet1.netfernande
Sun Sep 24 12:02:14 CDT 2000

Hello Again,

Well it turns out that shipping was going to be about the same you
paid.  I backed out of the deal.  I know thats not good to do, but I
didn't want to spend that kind of money right now.  He was understanding
and didn't seem angry.  I offered to pay his ebay fees, but he
declined.  My main mistake, I guess, was bidding even though I didn't
get a reply to my intial email asking about shipping.  

I still want a 670mp, However.  Hopefully another one will come up
locally on Ebay.  

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

Martin Wedel sr wrote:
> Hopefully you don't have too far to ship it, mine cost around 225 to ship
> from San Diego to St Louis.  Noisy power-guzzler but a cool conversation
> piece. I hope you are single or have a very understanding 'significant
> other'.
> Let me know when you get it, I'd like to know how it turns out. Get
> the part numbers off of the processor module(s) and cards and hit the Sun
> Hardware Reference on this site.
> I have a few pics of mine at the URLs below.
> --
> Martin Wedel

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