[SunRescue] Trades anyone?

BrianMcCloskeycheckinmystyle at hotmail.com BrianMcCloskeycheckinmystyle at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 22 11:55:47 CDT 2000

i have an indy r5k dual head that has a second 24bit graphics card 
installed. i'd be willing to part with this if this is what you are looking 
for. i'm interested in the sunswift card. let me know if you want to work 
something out.


>From: RR <rr at nospamrits.com.au>
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>To: rescue at sunhelp.org
>Subject: [SunRescue] Trades anyone?
>Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 21:53:40 +1000
>Gee, take a couple of days off with a busted monitor and look at the
>list activity!!!
>I'm trying to obtain a 24-bit XL graphics card for my Indy (it's one of
>the ex-FedEx boxes offered on the Sunhelp site many months ago).  I know
>that various places in the U.S. have them for around $100, but with the
>drop in the Aussie dollar, it's far too expensive for me to buy one
>overseas.  My best bet is to offer some of my "long-time accumulated but
>never actually used to it's full extent" hardware in a trade.
>If anyone has (or can obtain) said graphics card, I have the following
>Sun bits I can offer.  I'm not saying that any of this would be a fair
>exchange (I realise that the value of some of this stuff is well below
>the value of said graphics card, and other stuff is way above), but I
>can live in hope that it might interest someone enough to commence
>Anyway, the list is:
>501-2015   X1053A Fast SCSI/Ethernet SBus
>501-1902   X1052A Differential SCSI/Ethernet SBus
>501-1725   HSI/S (Note, this is card only, I don't have the cable or
>patch panel)
>501-2471   32Mb SIMM for Sparc 4 & 5 (I have a couple of these, they are
>Sun barcoded)
>501-2739   SunSwift 100BaseT/Fast-Wide SCSI SBUS (I'm guessing at the
>part number, because it's in my Sparc 10 which is at the bottom of a big
>stack, but the connectors on the back match with what's in the FEH).
>I can also offer to return-ship my existing 8-bit graphics card if you
>really can't be without one.
>If anyone is interested, please email me off-list.  Once I've got said
>graphics card, I might be able to be talked out of other items if
>suitable Sun or SGI trinkets are offered in return :)
>Rescue maillist  -  Rescue at sunhelp.org

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