[SunRescue] Help me resucitate this Sparcstation 5

MikeTurnermike.turner at whro.org MikeTurnermike.turner at whro.org
Fri Sep 22 09:14:32 CDT 2000

	Hello all, 

	I havea sick sparcstation 5 (64 megs ram , 1.5 gig HD, microsparc ][
processor , cd-rom internal, rom rev 2.15)here and I need your help. For
some reason it does not want to join the land of the living. Here are the
symptoms  I have seen.
	 When I first got my hands on it , the machine would constantly
reboot when powered up. I have gotten that to stop now. I have the 1.5 gig
IBM hard drive in the system formatted and ready to go. I can boot cdrom and
enter the single user shell from the cd-rom for the solaris version( this cd
is solaris 1.1.2) , if I try and do this trick with my solaris & cd the
system automatically reboots when I type in boot cdrom giving me no chance
to get to the user shell.
	Now the problem is I want to install solaris to the HD I have. I
have been trying to install 1.1.2 simply because I have that cd handy and it
is the only thing I can get to give me that option. Unfortunatly when I try
to install the system poops on itself and reboots. These are messages I am
getting (found on screen after reboot)

checking writeability of /dev/rsd0b
0+1 records in 
1+0 records out
Extracting miniroot ...
Async memory fault mfsr=0x81804820 mfar=0x3df4198     <---- Number on this
line vary
panic: async memory fault
syncing file systems... done
01542 low-memory static kernel pages
00146 additional static and sysmap kernel pages
00000 dynamic kernel data pages
00016 additional user structure pages
00000 segmap kernel pages
00000 segvn kernel pages
00031 current user process pages                      <---- Number on this
line vary
00002 user stack pages                                <---- Number on this
line vary
01737 total pages (1737 chunks)                       <---- Number on this
line vary

dumping to vp fb003e34, offset 103576                  <---- Number on this
line vary 
0 total pages, dump failed: error 19
resetting ...

 and then I am back at the normal startup screen for this system. Anyone got
an idea of wat is causing this , and even better, how to fix it? Memory
checks performed at startup show the system to be fine.

    Also when I start the install I am getting a message at one point that
WARNING: preposterous time in the file system -- CHECK AND RESET THE DATE!

	Rarely, it will give me a peice on the install that looks like this
Extracting miniroot ...
Using cdrom partition number 3

Mini-root Installation complete

 Then I go to the above messages starting with the Async memory fault

	If you got any idea, message me back , I am willing to try anything.

	Michael A. Turner

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