[SunRescue] Re: Sun part number reference needed

RobertNovakrnovak at indyramp.com RobertNovakrnovak at indyramp.com
Thu Sep 21 13:16:45 CDT 2000

I thought I heard a "Magnus Abrante" say:
> Either Sun Field Engineers Handbook, or the Sun HW reference guide
> which might be found on www.sunhelp.org.

That one is good. I've also found a "new" one at
http://www.sunstuff.org/hardware/partnumbers/ that has the categories
listed and a lot of parts that the old hwref doesn't have, like Ross
processors, ultrasparc parts, etc....

> The following 4 is the base number, like 1205 in this case, the rest is
> various dash numbers and revisions.

I've never needed to go beyond 9 numbers, like 501-2055-04 ... on the
600MP series, there are some restrictions on earlier revs of the board. I
can't remember them offhand; finally moved toward the non-VME sun4m
platforms so I haven't bothered with my two 600MP boards lately other than
to swipe an NVRAM.

Hope this helps,


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