[SunRescue] Ultra Enterprise 1 Server hardware questions

Neimoyer Neimoyer
Thu Sep 21 12:58:50 CDT 2000

Myself, then Greg Woods:

> > The other thing of note is that the 
> > video terminal that WAS on it, was a
> > dumb terminal-type, which plugged 
> > into what looks like a 25-pin comport
> > on the back.
> Yup, that'll be a standard ASCII terminal, probably 
> with ANSI x3.64 controls or similar, maybe a DEC 
> VT220 or newer....  You probably want to get it or
> something very similar back on it again as the 
> console.  In a pinch you can use a PC running 
> Kermit or whatever, or even another
> Unix machine with cu.

Okay, I have NO IDEA what I'd be looking for, or even where to begin to look
for something like this?  Is there a website I cn check out, or company I
should call?  I'd prefer not to spend TOO much on this, as it's going to be
just a crash & burn system to teach myself more unix, but would definitely
like to get it up and running again.



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