[SunRescue] ultra 5-10 scsi cards+subsystems

Stout Stout
Wed Sep 20 09:29:36 CDT 2000

Esteemed Sun rescuers,

I have been given one of the newer (read crappy ide based) ultra 5's for my
non-prod backup machine, it is of course of the PCI based variety, what I am
looking for, is sopme hardware recomendatiosn for both high end
differential scsi cards for these units, vendors who sell ram for a good
price, and the largest /fastes internal hdd's that can be used with whatever
scsi card anyone has to recomend. (This machine will not longer user any
idea except teh cdrom, which regretably the powers that be will not consider
replacing. To to sum it up, I have this ultra 5 that I need to maximize its
I/O potential, and need some advice, preferable from those who have used
them in these machines.

Logan Stout

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