[SunRescue] Trades anyone?

RRrr at nospamrits.com.au RRrr at nospamrits.com.au
Wed Sep 20 06:53:40 CDT 2000

Gee, take a couple of days off with a busted monitor and look at the
list activity!!!

I'm trying to obtain a 24-bit XL graphics card for my Indy (it's one of
the ex-FedEx boxes offered on the Sunhelp site many months ago).  I know
that various places in the U.S. have them for around $100, but with the
drop in the Aussie dollar, it's far too expensive for me to buy one
overseas.  My best bet is to offer some of my "long-time accumulated but
never actually used to it's full extent" hardware in a trade.

If anyone has (or can obtain) said graphics card, I have the following
Sun bits I can offer.  I'm not saying that any of this would be a fair
exchange (I realise that the value of some of this stuff is well below
the value of said graphics card, and other stuff is way above), but I
can live in hope that it might interest someone enough to commence

Anyway, the list is:

501-2015   X1053A Fast SCSI/Ethernet SBus
501-1902   X1052A Differential SCSI/Ethernet SBus
501-1725   HSI/S (Note, this is card only, I don't have the cable or
patch panel)
501-2471   32Mb SIMM for Sparc 4 & 5 (I have a couple of these, they are
Sun barcoded)
501-2739   SunSwift 100BaseT/Fast-Wide SCSI SBUS (I'm guessing at the
part number, because it's in my Sparc 10 which is at the bottom of a big
stack, but the connectors on the back match with what's in the FEH).

I can also offer to return-ship my existing 8-bit graphics card if you
really can't be without one.

If anyone is interested, please email me off-list.  Once I've got said
graphics card, I might be able to be talked out of other items if
suitable Sun or SGI trinkets are offered in return :)



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