[SunRescue] Quad Ethernet question

Magnus Abrante magnus.abrante at sweden.sun.com
Wed Sep 20 02:27:20 CDT 2000

Well, the Quad Ethernet cards needs OBP 2.x to work, so if your IPX has an
OPB 1.x prom it wont work, othervise i dont think there will be any problems.

        //Magnus Abrante
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> Hi. I own about 15 IPX's, and recently managed to snag a couple of the Quad ethernet cards. I want to run Linux on these boxes, for mini-routers and such. However, I read something about a firmware incompatibility with the quad ethernet cards and IPX's, unfortunately no real details. I searched the archives but there didn't seem to be anything specific to this problem there. Can anyone shed any light on this for me? If you have a quad ethernet card working in an IPX, did you have to do anything special? Solaris or Linux, makes no difference to me.
> Also...I wouldn't mind getting rid of some of these boxes. I can't use them all. I have a couple of 16 inch color monitors for these machines as well that I can part with, couple of optical mice, keyboards, etc. 
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