[SunRescue] WTB Sun stuff

Ed Wittmann wittmann at sae.org
Tue Sep 19 22:15:56 CDT 2000

Hey I got solaris 2.5 on cdrom. also comes with  desktop 1.0. Yours for shipping costs. Yes, these are original cds. Don't know where paperwork is.

<<< legodude at home.net  9/19  8:25p >>>
Heya all, I need to buy some Sun stuff:

Type 4 Keyboard
SBus FDDI Card
FDDI Cable
Solaris Media older then 7

Also, what's a good place to get IPC NVRAMs?


PS. I doubt it, but can one of you tell me a good place to get cheap 
Sun equipment in the Detroit area?
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