[SunRescue] Quad Ethernet question

EdWittmannwittmann at sae.org EdWittmannwittmann at sae.org
Tue Sep 19 16:15:23 CDT 2000

Hi. I own about 15 IPX's, and recently managed to snag a couple of the Quad ethernet cards. I want to run Linux on these boxes, for mini-routers and such. However, I read something about a firmware incompatibility with the quad ethernet cards and IPX's, unfortunately no real details. I searched the archives but there didn't seem to be anything specific to this problem there. Can anyone shed any light on this for me? If you have a quad ethernet card working in an IPX, did you have to do anything special? Solaris or Linux, makes no difference to me.

Also...I wouldn't mind getting rid of some of these boxes. I can't use them all. I have a couple of 16 inch color monitors for these machines as well that I can part with, couple of optical mice, keyboards, etc. 

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