[SunRescue] Extra HD

Walter Peterson wep at cyberstreet.com
Tue Sep 19 15:15:10 CDT 2000

If I do a probe-scsi it shows both drives

here is output

Target 1
Unit 0	Disk	Tandem 4255-5	902800149969
			Copyright (c) 1994 Seagate
			All rights reserved 000
Target 3
Unit 0	Disk	Seagate ST11200N	SUN1.0594000000000
			Copyright (c) 1995 000
			All rights reserved 000

Target 3 has Solaris installed on and boots. The other drive does not
showup in openboot during normal boot process and solaris can't see it.
(may have no partitions on it).

A few answers...

>The output from OpenBoot would be helpful - that would tell us the target
>the new HD is actually set to, since SCSI ID 1 doesn't appear to be working.

>CD-ROMs for Sun systems are typically set to SCSI ID #6, then you can
>typically issue a command like 'boot cdrom' from the OK> prompt to run the
>Red Hat installer (same for Solaris).

>RedHat Linux labels hard drives as letters starting with the first drive it
>finds, your SCSI ID HD would be sda, than the pre-existing HD on SCSI ID 3
>would be sdb. If you were to later add a drive as SCSI ID 2, then Red Hat
>Linux would map the drives as SCSI ID 1 would be sda, SCSI ID 2 would be
>sdb, and the SCSI ID HD would be sdc - any links to mount filesystems on
>SCSI ID 3 would break, and need to be fixed.

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