[SunRescue] IPC, BW and Booting...

MagnusAbrantemagnus.abrante at sweden.sun.com MagnusAbrantemagnus.abrante at sweden.sun.com
Tue Sep 19 10:03:23 CDT 2000

That `window' is usually a SPARC register window, `window underflow'
is when someone tries to access a register window which isn't 

Most likely to cause this problem is a mix of memory modules, eg you 
have a bank which has both 4 MB and 1 MB simms, it might also be a fault 
cache memory on the motherboard. 

However if you know that the simms are placed correctly it might be an 
issue with the graphics card, try to do a 
boot cdrom - install w

this will bring up an interactive installer, but bypass OpenWindows.
(Same as you will see if you boot it without a keyboard)

        //Magnus Abrante
/* This is my opinion and not the one of my empolyer */

> Got a question (or two or three...)
> I finally got an NVRAM for my IPC (JDR Micro has them and ships them 
> lickidly split....I'm still waiting on my Mouser one...since June!)
> Anyway, got it, got it reprogrammed, and all seems ok.  Got a 3 GB 
> drive in the box and floppy and 48MB.  It's only got it's onboard BW 
> video (which is fine, BW for this thing is fine, since I got a free 
> BW monitor for it which works fine).  When I try to install Solaris
> 2.5.1, or 2.6 or 2.7 from CD, it goes thru the initial part of the
> install, and launched OpenWindows, and a shell window comes up..but
> it doesn't launch the installer.  It gives:
> 	Watchdog reset
> 	Window underflow
> I've never seen this error.  I'm not sure whether it's an issue
> of the BW display, or memory error...(do I need 64MB for the install?...
> thought 2.5.1. would install in 32...is it a bad simm?)  I can start 
> replacing components (I can steal a color card from a SS10 if that would 
> let me thru the boot...and have a few more 4MB simms..) I was wondering if 
> someone could give me a pointer as to what it might be before I start 
> wandering thru the debugging process.  (The memory went thru the Sun memory 
> test without reporting a problem)
> I also tried to load OpenBSD.  Got a floppy made that works, but
> it hangs up because the drive hasn't been labeled with a magic Sun
> label (it's an old SCSI which was last used on some PeeCee...).
> And since I can't get the install up enough to be able to format
> the disk, I'm caught.  I'd rather not have to tear apart one of
> my SS10's to format this disk, so I figured I'd ask what the problem
> might be.
> Thanks 
> Earl
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