[SunRescue] IPC, BW and Booting...

EarlBaughearl at baugh.org EarlBaughearl at baugh.org
Tue Sep 19 09:31:22 CDT 2000

Got a question (or two or three...)
I finally got an NVRAM for my IPC (JDR Micro has them and ships them 
lickidly split....I'm still waiting on my Mouser one...since June!)
Anyway, got it, got it reprogrammed, and all seems ok.  Got a 3 GB 
drive in the box and floppy and 48MB.  It's only got it's onboard BW 
video (which is fine, BW for this thing is fine, since I got a free 
BW monitor for it which works fine).  When I try to install Solaris
2.5.1, or 2.6 or 2.7 from CD, it goes thru the initial part of the
install, and launched OpenWindows, and a shell window comes up..but
it doesn't launch the installer.  It gives:
	Watchdog reset
	Window underflow

I've never seen this error.  I'm not sure whether it's an issue
of the BW display, or memory error...(do I need 64MB for the install?...
thought 2.5.1. would install in 32...is it a bad simm?)  I can start 
replacing components (I can steal a color card from a SS10 if that would 
let me thru the boot...and have a few more 4MB simms..) I was wondering if 
someone could give me a pointer as to what it might be before I start 
wandering thru the debugging process.  (The memory went thru the Sun memory 
test without reporting a problem)

I also tried to load OpenBSD.  Got a floppy made that works, but
it hangs up because the drive hasn't been labeled with a magic Sun
label (it's an old SCSI which was last used on some PeeCee...).
And since I can't get the install up enough to be able to format
the disk, I'm caught.  I'd rather not have to tear apart one of
my SS10's to format this disk, so I figured I'd ask what the problem
might be.



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