[SunRescue] Contact Muiltimedianet

Donald Smith dsmith7 at stny.rr.com
Mon Sep 18 23:50:48 CDT 2000

I paid a lot more.  I bought this monitor at auction.  It needs a specific
video card sold by Multimedianet.com.  You can email
them at cs at multimedianet.com.  Apparently, from what I have read, this
monitor must use the video card supplied with the
seller of the monitor.  They list the sale as Sony 20", 0.28mm DP Montior
w/3D 32 MB, 128-Bit AGP, DVD Video Card."  Apparently
this monitor will not work properly without the video card supplied by this
company.  You may call them at 1-310-258-1205, a California phone number.  I
hope this helps you out.  Don Smith dsmith7 at stny.rr.com

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