[SunRescue] Extra Hd

Kurt Nowak knowak at polymail.cpunix.calpoly.edu
Mon Sep 18 22:07:51 CDT 2000

did you try creating the hd device entries in the /dev directory with the
'drvconfig' and the 'disks' command? You need to do those before solaris can see
the drives..


Ken Hansen wrote:

> A few answers...
> The output from OpenBoot would be helpful - that would tell us the target
> the new HD is actually set to, since SCSI ID 1 doesn't appear to be working.
> CD-ROMs for Sun systems are typically set to SCSI ID #6, then you can
> typically issue a command like 'boot cdrom' from the OK> prompt to run the
> Red Hat installer (same for Solaris).
> RedHat Linux labels hard drives as letters starting with the first drive it
> finds, your SCSI ID HD would be sda, than the pre-existing HD on SCSI ID 3
> would be sdb. If you were to later add a drive as SCSI ID 2, then Red Hat
> Linux would map the drives as SCSI ID 1 would be sda, SCSI ID 2 would be
> sdb, and the SCSI ID HD would be sdc - any links to mount filesystems on
> SCSI ID 3 would break, and need to be fixed.
> HTH,
> Ken
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> > I just got an extra SCSI Hd for my SS10. It has a 1.2 gig first drive in
> ID
> > 3 and I have setup the second in ID 1. I cannot get the system (2.6
> > solaris) to see the drive. I want to use fdisk to parttition it but can't
> > find the device name for it, or the first drive. probe-scsi finds the
> drive
> > from openboot. I have used linux on PCs a great deal, but am lost on this.
> > Also I'm getting Radhat 6.2 and need to know what ID to set my CDROM to
> and
> > what command to use to boot the install CD.
> >
> > - Walter
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