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A few answers...

The output from OpenBoot would be helpful - that would tell us the target
the new HD is actually set to, since SCSI ID 1 doesn't appear to be working.

CD-ROMs for Sun systems are typically set to SCSI ID #6, then you can
typically issue a command like 'boot cdrom' from the OK> prompt to run the
Red Hat installer (same for Solaris).

RedHat Linux labels hard drives as letters starting with the first drive it
finds, your SCSI ID HD would be sda, than the pre-existing HD on SCSI ID 3
would be sdb. If you were to later add a drive as SCSI ID 2, then Red Hat
Linux would map the drives as SCSI ID 1 would be sda, SCSI ID 2 would be
sdb, and the SCSI ID HD would be sdc - any links to mount filesystems on
SCSI ID 3 would break, and need to be fixed.



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> I just got an extra SCSI Hd for my SS10. It has a 1.2 gig first drive in
> 3 and I have setup the second in ID 1. I cannot get the system (2.6
> solaris) to see the drive. I want to use fdisk to parttition it but can't
> find the device name for it, or the first drive. probe-scsi finds the
> from openboot. I have used linux on PCs a great deal, but am lost on this.
> Also I'm getting Radhat 6.2 and need to know what ID to set my CDROM to
> what command to use to boot the install CD.
> - Walter
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