Monitor convertions (was: Re: [SunRescue] parts I'm parting with!)

Bjorn Ramqvist brt at
Mon Sep 18 01:51:30 CDT 2000


> Actually, this info is what sparked (or is it 'Sparced'?) my interest last
> year.  However, the 20D11 is completely different internally than what the
> info details, and so I had to devise my own mod.
> As Mike Hebel requested, I'll try to put together some info with pictures
> this weekend. I just happen to have a digital camera on "loan" from work,
> though the picture quality is not so great...

Wouldn't it be a somewhat easy task to do the reverse, ie converting the
20D10 to a "sync-on-green-20D11"?
I mean, since the resistor is there, wouldn't it be possible to remove
I have an Indy here in desperate need of a good clean monitor and this
20D10 is just sitting here, in favor for my wonderful 20E20. (and that
one stays on the Sun, believe me)

	/Regards, Bjorn

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