[SunRescue] Continuing foibles of Tim and SGI

TimHarrisonharrison at timharrison.com TimHarrisonharrison at timharrison.com
Sun Sep 17 09:39:28 CDT 2000

Brian McCloskey wrote:
> if you are trying to get into x and keep getting kicked out, are any of your
> filesytems %100 full?

Yep.  It's at 36%.  Everything's all on one disk slice, it seems.  It
can't find a valid swap partition, so it does the virtual swap thing.  I
know that's not the optimal setup, but is that potentially the reason? 
I would figure that if it were, it wouldn't allow me to load xdm.

Let me just point out again, that I didn't install this box. :)

Tim Harrison
Network Administrator
harrison at timharrison.com

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