[SunRescue] Can someone tell me what I just bought please?

fernande at internet1.netfernande fernande at internet1.netfernande
Sat Sep 16 01:58:42 CDT 2000


I know very little about Sun equipment, but want to learn.  I have been
reading bit of the Sun Rescue list for awhile now.  I have posted once

I have wanted a Sun computer, and have been looking on Ebay....
dangerous I know.  I am sort of partial to big computers, so I bid on
what I believe to be a 670mp. Thats a Sun 4 something right?

Here is the url, can someplease tell me what I just bought, and if I am
getting my moneys worth?  The "1247" sort of confuses me.  I haven't
noticed this designation before.


I should have posted before bidding I suppose.  Especially since they
didn't answer my email about shipping.  What do these things weigh?

Any info will be appreciated!  Thanks.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

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