[SunRescue] Ultra Enterprise 1 Server hardware questions

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[ On Friday, September 15, 2000 at 18:14:18 (-0400), Neimoyer, Mike (M.) wrote: ]
> Subject: [SunRescue] Ultra Enterprise 1 Server hardware questions
> I have ZERO experience with Solaris hardware.  And this machine has no video
> card that I can see, not even the funky Sun-proprietary style (three large
> round pins with 10 small pins).

FYI that's not a proprietary connector at all -- standard D-shell 13W3.
Apple used the same connector, as did other workstation vendors such as
SGI....  Pinouts, on the other hand, are often different (except for the
main RGB lines, which I think are the same even on Macs.


>   It was mainly telnetted-into for admin
> purposes.  So, do i need a Solaris-specific video card?  How do I get this
> thing up and running again?

You probably need an RS-232 serial console for it....

> The other thing of note is that the video terminal that WAS on it, was a
> dumb terminal-type, which plugged into what looks like a 25-pin comport on
> the back.

Yup, that'll be a standard ASCII terminal, probably with ANSI x3.64
controls or similar, maybe a DEC VT220 or newer....  You probably want
to get it or something very similar back on it again as the console.  In
a pinch you can use a PC running Kermit or whatever, or even another
Unix machine with cu.

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