[SunRescue] Sparcstation 20

dave at cca.org dave at cca.org
Fri Sep 15 19:36:47 CDT 2000

jon at jonworld.com writes:

>Your best bet for right now would be to crack out a null-modem serial cable.

>Plug the serial cable into ttya on the back of the SS20. Make sure the
>keyboard isn't plugged in.

>Setup minicom or hyperterminal, or something on your PC to be at 9600/8-n-1.
>Connect that cable to your PC. Then power up the SS20.

Many people will disagree with me on this point, but I think that the
first thing you have to do when you decide to play with esoteric
computers (defined here as not-a-pc-or-mac) is get yourself a real
terminal. When you're trouble-shooting you want to keep the variables
to a minimum. Using an actual terminal instead of a terminal emulator

Granted, I deal with a wider range of esoteric computers than most folk
(a quick look around my apartment reveals sun-3, sparc, vax, pdp-11,
rs/6000, intergraph clipper, 3b2, and smp i860, and that's not counting
the *real* collection down at the mill.... ha ha ha.) but even if
you're just playing around with a couple of suns, get a terminal.

vt220s are a good choice, and they can frequently be had for free.
vt320s look nice, but they want weird cables.

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