[SunRescue] Ultra Enterprise 1 Server hardware questions

Neimoyer Neimoyer
Fri Sep 15 17:14:18 CDT 2000

Hi all,

I've got a Solaris Ultra Enterprise 1 server here in my office, and it's not
doing a damned thing.  I've been good and waited to see what Ford Systems
Integration wanted to do with it.  They've not gotten back to me in 6
months.  So this morning, I asked my boss if I could use it here in my
office as a "crash & Burn" system to teach myself more Unix.  he said sure. 

Now comes my questions:

I have ZERO experience with Solaris hardware.  And this machine has no video
card that I can see, not even the funky Sun-proprietary style (three large
round pins with 10 small pins).  It was mainly telnetted-into for admin
purposes.  So, do i need a Solaris-specific video card?  How do I get this
thing up and running again?  I've got all the documentation, and CD-ROMS
with the OS on it, so I'd prefer to just wipe this thing clean, load it
fresh, and go from there.  a couple of years ago, I took a solaris class
(basics), and I've still got my book and notes, so I should be able to get
it up and running... but... LOL :-)

The other thing of note is that the video terminal that WAS on it, was a
dumb terminal-type, which plugged into what looks like a 25-pin comport on
the back.

And since I'm getting ready to head out of the office for the weekend, I'm
sending this off, so hopefully I'll have lots of suggestions on how to get
this thing fired up, come monday morning. :-)

So, any helpful ideas?  Any useful weblinks? Thanks! 


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