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MikeHebeldruaga at pmail.net MikeHebeldruaga at pmail.net
Fri Sep 15 09:28:14 CDT 2000

>. 21" Sun monitor

>>With a little soldering, I have successfully modified my 20D11 to work
>>Suns, and if you're willing to do the same, you can turn that SGI monitor
>>into the Sun monitor you're looking for.
>>Since the 20D11 expects sync-on-green, what you have to do is connect the
>>separate sync pin used by Sun (and others) to the sync separator circuit.
>>This is as simple as soldering in one resistor on the input board at the
>>back of the monitor. The connector on the monitor conveniently has all
>>soldered to the PCB even though most of them aren't used. I can open mine
>>up again if you want and give you specific instructions on what I did. And
>>yes, it works with both Suns and SGIs after the mod, though you have to
>>Sun or SGI cables as appropriate. And no, it still won't work with a PC, I
>>suspect because of the limited sync range, or maybe my HD15-to-13W3
>>is bad.
>>I don't remember the sync range of the 20D11, but I have tested my
>>one with a stock Indy and a stock SS2+cg6, and it works great.

I don't suppose you could post a picture of the modification somewhere as
well as the value of the resistor?  I would be more than thankful for the
detailed instructions you offered.  (I have two 20D11 monitors attached to
SGI boxes that I would like to also use with my SS2 and possibly other

Also, unless it's the frequency converting kind the HD15-to-13W3 adapter
won't work in most modes on a PC.  I _know_ this monitor will not run at DOS
resolutions.  Check out the links from http://sgihelp.org - they have a link
here: http://www-viz.tamu.edu/~sgi-faq/faq/html-1/hardware.html#20 which is
a hardware FAQ about SGI monitors.  Plenty of notes here and elsewhere about
getting it to run on a PC.

Hope this helps!


Mike Hebel

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