[SunRescue] parts I'm parting with!

JonathanKatzjon at jonworld.com JonathanKatzjon at jonworld.com
Thu Sep 14 22:26:23 CDT 2000

Hey folks! 

I posted an inventory before, but earlier tonight some folks
were asking about parts I still haven't been able to give away :^)

Pick something and make a fair offer... I want to clean up my living 
room :^)

. DEC Multia (seems to power on OK) 166 21066 w/ 32 or 64M of RAM (not sure)
. TGX (CG6) (2) (one of these has a few bent pins that need fixing. 
		 it should work w/o problem once cleared up.)
. TGX+ (CG6) (1)
. HSI/S (1)
. esp+le (2)  <-- someone specifically mentioned needing ethernet cards
		  get a 10Mbit card and an extra 50pin SCSI port!
. 21" SGI Monitor (GDM-20D11) Works pretty swell.
. SGI Challenge L Vault (Huge--2.5' tall, 3' deep, 7" across) differential
SCSI tray. Holds 8 disks. Needs special SGI drive trays.
. SGI Challenge S. Latest (011) PROM. R4600SC-133Mhz. 64M of RAM. Powers
on but gives me strange system error. No local disk (takes 50 pin internally,
has the dual UW/diff controllers for the matching Vault listed above.)
. Sparc LX. Barebones.

. 13w3 cable (2)
. UPA Creator 2/3D FB (for Ultra1 NOT PCI)
. 21" Sun monitor

For those who were interested in the StarOffice 5.2 CDs I haven't 
forgotten. Send me a SASE (USPS Priority is $3.75)

The address to send them to is:

Jon Katz
9575 Bay Vista West Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46250

This is the easiest way to do it rather than to try and compute postage
or use paypal and that nonsense.

Jonathan Katz
e-mail: jon at jonworld.com 
website: http://jonworld.com
proprietor: http://bachelor-cooking.com
Cell: 317-698-4023 * Pager: 800-759-8888 1770869 * FAX: 530-688-5347

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