[SunRescue] PCMCIA/Ultra-10/Solaris8

MartinWedelsrsun at minor-element.net MartinWedelsrsun at minor-element.net
Thu Sep 14 21:28:46 CDT 2000

Hi again, 

   I'm having a little trouble accessing a memory PC Card in my Ultra
10. I just installed one of the SCM swapboxes (supported/OEM) and did a
boot -r.

prtdiag shows 

     Bus#  Freq
Brd  Type  MHz   Slot  Name                              Model
---  ----  ----  ----  --------------------------------
 0   PCI-1  33     1   ebus                                                    
 0   PCI-1  33     1   network-SUNW,hme                                        
 0   PCI-1  33     2   SUNW,m64B                         ATY,GT-C              
 0   PCI-1  33     3   ide-pci1095,646                                         
 0   PCI-2  33     1   pcmcia-pci104c,ac13                                     
 0   PCI-2  33     1   pcmcia-pci104c,ac13                                     

System PROM revisions:
  OBP 3.25.3 2000/06/29 14:12   POST 3.1.0 2000/06/27 13:56

So I assume that I'm good hardware wise, and in admintool, I have the
following installed.

PCMCIA Support 1.0.0

Where I am thrown for a loop is with the device name. With vold running,
should it automagically try to 'build' the device? 

I read the options at docs.sun.com for fdformat, my problem is just
basic cluelessness about how to 'address' the device in /dev/rdsk.

My end goal is to have a memory card or even possible a type 3 ATA disk to
store common files across several systems such as my pgp keyring and
whatnot. Am I just barking up the wrong tree? Is anyone succesfully using
a PC card drive under Solaris 8, or did I just learn why there are so few
(I've never seen one, besides mine) Ultra 5/10's with the PCMCIA reader

Thanks in advance!

Martin Wedel
sun at minor-element.net

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