[SunRescue] Silly SUN LX question

AaronD.Techeteche at biostat.wisc.edu AaronD.Techeteche at biostat.wisc.edu
Thu Sep 14 13:52:23 CDT 2000

I have a Sparcstation LX which I'm using as a fireshrub/NAT box. 

If I appropriately hacked the internal floppy bay, could this machine
support a second internal drive without overloading the power supply?

If this would not overload the supply, would I end up cooking the drive,
even with an additional installed fan?

The machine already has an ST31230N installed and I'd like to add
and ST31200N.

This sounds like a great idea, if I could work it out, but I may
just be smoking too mcuh crack.

Aaron D. Teche   teche at biostat.wisc.edu
Biomedical Computing Group
K4/564 CSC  (608) 262-7230

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