[SunRescue] Sun Monitor weirdness with Indy

Gregory Leblanc GLeblanc at cu-portland.edu
Thu Sep 14 08:59:06 CDT 2000

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> From: Stou Sandalski [mailto:tangui at cell2000.net]
> I have this old skool Sun monitor that I bought with my SS2, 
> in the back of
> the monitor it says:
> Model: GDM-1962B
> Service Code: 244VC7
> Elec Ratings: 100 - 120V~, 50/60Hz, 3.7A
> it works fine with the SS2, but when I pluged it into this 
> Indy I acquired
> recently and turn it on, the screen turns all blue and these 
> weird looking
> thin horizontal lines appear in the middle of the screen kind 
> of up and
> down-ish and all jagged like moving and vibrating and after a 
> while they
> just like completly freez in the middle (kinda of like when 
> you are starting
> X for the first time... I guess when its probing your video 
> card, xcept this
> happens when I turn on the indy), I can't figure out if the 
> monitor can't
> handle the "refresh rate" or the video card of the indy is 
> messed... anyone
> have a clue about this? I know this is a Sun hardware mailing 
> list and I am
> pretty much off topic but I didn't know where else to write...

The 1962B was built for the CG6, from the specs I've seen on it.  I don't
believe it supports "sync-on-green", which is why the colors are off, and
the screen doesn't look right.  Even though the connectors are the same on
the monitor and on your Indy, they may not work together.  I'd look for a
monitor that will work with the Indy.  Take a look at the info on
www.sgihelp.org, and techpubs.sgi.com for a bit more info on what
resolutions and refresh rates the Indy can run at.

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