[SunRescue] Sun Monitor weirdness with Indy

StouSandalskitangui at cell2000.net StouSandalskitangui at cell2000.net
Thu Sep 14 04:14:33 CDT 2000


I have this old skool Sun monitor that I bought with my SS2, in the back of
the monitor it says:

Model: GDM-1962B
Service Code: 244VC7
Elec Ratings: 100 - 120V~, 50/60Hz, 3.7A

it works fine with the SS2, but when I pluged it into this Indy I acquired
recently and turn it on, the screen turns all blue and these weird looking
thin horizontal lines appear in the middle of the screen kind of up and
down-ish and all jagged like moving and vibrating and after a while they
just like completly freez in the middle (kinda of like when you are starting
X for the first time... I guess when its probing your video card, xcept this
happens when I turn on the indy), I can't figure out if the monitor can't
handle the "refresh rate" or the video card of the indy is messed... anyone
have a clue about this? I know this is a Sun hardware mailing list and I am
pretty much off topic but I didn't know where else to write...



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