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> Bill Bradford wrote:
> > Around here, they have the color copy machines controlled by either
> > SS5/20s (cant tell , can only see the floppy drive and cd-rom) or some
> > newer kiosks have an Ultra 5.
> A friend of mine is a consultant for a copy shop nearby, and they were
> having some *ahem* security issues with their "print server".  He asked
> me to come in and check it out.  Turned out they were running an Ultra
> 30 as their "print server".  Xerox "managed" it, and had assured them
> that the box was secure (they'd installed the latest patch cluster :P).

Another copier/printer company, Oc (based in the Netherlands) used sun 
3/50's and 3/60's for their DTP system 6100. They were also badged with 
this (a red label with white print). Later models (91xx series, 92xx series) 
used a SS5 as RIP. They made their own casing (to eleminate RF), but they 
used _everything_ of a standard SS5 execpt for the casing.

For their current model 84xx they first tried El Cheapo pentium 90's (top-of-
the-range when development started) with OS/2. When they couldn't get that 
to work, they switched back to Sun again, now Sun Ultra's. I'm not up to 
latest standards here, I quit the company 3 years ago, and more info would 
probably be subject to non-disclosure terms anyway.

They also have/had a Printserver system, 6320, which is/was based on 
SS5's. In one showroom I even saw an SS20 (not officialy supported by Oc)



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