[SunRescue] XEROX /Sun IPX??

JonathanKatzjon at jonworld.com JonathanKatzjon at jonworld.com
Sun Sep 10 09:18:43 CDT 2000

Darryl asked:

:It was marked Xerox 6522 on the outside but it has the
:Sun logo on the bottom.
:Looks like a Xerox badged IPX to me.

Yeah, both Xerox and Kodak badged IPXs. They used them as workstations
to control various printers/duplication machines. I don't know much more
than that. I have seen the Kodak/IPXen on e-bay before, and have heard
about the Xerox boxes, but have never seen them in the flesh.

In the mall at some camera store (Fox Photo?) I've seen the Kodak IPX
attached to some big color copy machine.

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