[SunRescue] Good news on Sun 2/120

Paul Khoury pkhoury2 at loop.com
Sat Sep 9 20:36:42 CDT 2000

I finally got my Sun 2/120 booting - I realized the cards were in the wrong
order, according to the Sun Hardware FAQ, and found on my own to remove
the framebuffer.  Anyways, now I have a Sun 2 with 7MB of RAM, but I'd really like
to get Sun OS 4.0.3 installed, which I'm downloading now from a link
off the main Sunhelp page.  Any suggestions, or does anyone have a Sun 2
out there?  I wasn't sure if I would set it up the same as NetBSD, but it
looks like it wouldn't work that way.   I'm also looking to get Sun OS 4.1.x
on my Sun 3/60, with a 300MB HD.



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