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HarryReganharry.regan at usa.net HarryReganharry.regan at usa.net
Wed Sep 6 05:23:27 CDT 2000

The good news: 

JDR Microdevices (http://www.jdr.com) has the M48T12 NVRAMs in stock.
These puppies are pin compatable with the M48T02s that the IPCs and 
IPXs use.  They've stopped carrying the M48T02s because they were
hard to come by.

The bad news:

The M48T12 is a faster chip and therefore more expensive-- about $20
each vs $13 for a M48T02-- but they do work.

On Tue, 5 Sep 2000, Earl Baugh wrote:

> I've had one ordered since May or June. It
> got slid to August, and now to October. They
> got a batch of them in, but I didn't make the
> "cut" on the list relative to the quanity they
> got in. (They told me new orders are being
> quoted in Nov...so they're at least consistant)
> Is there anybody who's got these darn things?
> Earl

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