[SunRescue] Re: RH 6.2 & Ethernet Transceiver

Harry Regan harry.regan at usa.net
Tue Sep 5 06:47:00 CDT 2000

Hmmm.  It should just plain work...  I have an IPC running RH 6.2 and using an
AVI (el cheapo) transceiver-- it installed and worked straight out of the box.
 I'd suspect either your network configuration or the transceiver itself. 
Note that in the standard RH install, it plugs in a value for the gateway
address (and the DNS server address), so if you didn't change the value to the
real gateway, you ain't routing packets...  

> Hey all, I have a Sparcstation IPX that I've installed RH 
> 6.2 on. I'm slowly setting it up as a mail server, and I'm 
> trying to get the network part of it online. The machine has 
> a SynOptics LattisNet Model 508 transceiver on it. Now, the eth0
> interface does come up, but I can't ping anything. So I'm assuming 
> I need to compile the kernel with the correct network module. Does 
> anyone know which one works?
> Thanks,
> Tom

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