[SunRescue] Hello...

Mike Hebel druaga at pmail.net
Fri Sep 1 14:09:47 CDT 2000

>>Hi all...


>>I am new to this list so I thought I would introduce myself.
>>I am a collector of vintage systems, focusing on Unix workstations and
>>DEC stuff (VAX, PDP-11, etc...). I have been collecting for about 4 or 5
>>years. I have a few interesting things and love to talk about this stuff
>>so this looks like a perfect list to be on!
>>A few quick questions:
>>    -Are there any other lists such as this that anyone knows about?

You can subscribe to the packrats.org list from either
http:\\www.sunhelp.org or http:\\www.workstations.org (currently under
construction) either site will do.  This list is pretty much for Sun but
I've seen some overflow.  The packrats list is what you want for non-sun.
Both are done by the same great guy - Bill Bradford - the holy keeper of the
lists and killer of SPAMMERS.

>>    -Does anyone know a good source for SS2 EPROMS ( I have two SS2's
>>that have dead EPROMS but I can't seem to buy one to save my life)?

You can get them from www.mouser.com for around $20.  Read the NVRAM FAQ.
You can find it on the www.sunhelp.org site.

>>    -Anyone have anything to sell or trade? ;^)

Ask around.  There's always _something_ out there. ;-)

>>    -Anyone in the Los Angeles, CA area know of any good scrapers or
>>junk dealers in the area, I just arrived here and am looking?

Can't help you there - I'm in the midwest - but I'm sure someone on the list
can point you in the right direction.

Mike Hebel

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