[SunRescue] AS/400 question again

Mark Davies MarkUK at uunix.demon.co.uk
Fri Sep 1 13:02:21 CDT 2000

pkhoury2 at loop.com wrote:

> This one IS like what I have, except I'm missing the front, top,
> and back panels (have the side and bottom, and it's all black)
> - http://members.tripod.com/nabid_mabrouk/as400/2130.jpg

That is definatly an advanced system /36 and needs OS SS? (cannot
remeber) Althought it says AS/xxx it is not what we know as the
Aplication System which is what the RISC models are. The first picture
is an AS/400 (proper) but is a CISC machine. This machine "looks"
identical to mine, but mine has an optional Floppy Drive at the top. It
will run upto Version 3 Release 2. The AS/400 you have is a RISC machine
but not one that runs OS/400. I nearly bought one of these myself, but I
backed away from it. A company in the US still sells them for about $500

Hope this helps.


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