[SunRescue] Update on DEC Alpha equipment available...

ChrisPetersenhavoc at apk.net ChrisPetersenhavoc at apk.net
Fri Sep 1 01:30:08 CDT 2000

Well, it's been a veeery long week for me, with 2 nights at work until 5am
working on some server cutovers, so if I haven't got back to some of you
yet, drop me a reminder line.

The response from list members has been great, almost 1/3d the lot has been
sold or spoken for.  I've updated the webpage to reflect quantities
available as well as refining a couple of the configurations and adding 2
more machines.

I'll be posting machines to Usenet and auctions.workstations.org this
weekend, so this will be the last chance for list folk to get 'first dibs'
on the gear ;)  Remember, I'm open to trades, in particular the items
listedon the webpage.  

The list member special is still on, get any config w/ monitor for the w/out
monitor price!  I've got a stack of pretty good 21" monitor boxes now, so I
should be able to ship monitors to folks pretty easily.

Updated page of gear:  http://junior.apk.net/~havoc/decgear.html
(I'll try and update this daily with confirmed sales)


Chris Petersen
Systems Engineer, Industry Services, Unigraphics Solutions Inc.
Co-founder, auctions.workstations.org
Email: havoc at apk.net

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