[SunRescue] Ultra 5 Mem issues

nick at ns.snowman.net nick at ns.snowman.net
Tue May 30 15:22:42 CDT 2000

"System Memory 
Memory Type DRAM, 168-pin DIMMs, EDO;
Error checking and correcting (ECC) 
Min 16MB 
Max 1GB 
Voltage 3.3V 
Access 60ns 
Number of Sockets 8"
Am I wrong about U5/U10's?  I could of sworn that they too use edo ecc

On Tue, 30 May 2000, James Lockwood wrote:

> On Tue, 30 May 2000 nick at ns.snowman.net wrote:
> > What's the difference?  To the best of my knowledge the 128meg edo ecc
> > dimms that I use in my U10's are identical to the 128meg edo ecc dimms
> > that I use in the U5's.  Am I missing something?
> The U5/U10 use identical DIMMs (they use the same motherboard, after all).
> The AXi does not.
> -James
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