[SunRescue] Ultra 5 Mem issues

Ken Hansen n2vip at bellatlantic.net
Wed May 31 11:56:56 CDT 2000

Ultra 5's use odd memory (ECC EDO IIRC), not sure about the AXi
board you pulled them from. Unfortunately, the ECC EDO RAM you
need was only ever used in one or two SPARCS (obvious) and many
Pentium Pro servers. The RAM is not too hard to find (see memoryx.com)
but it does get rather  expensive (est. $1.50 - $2/Meg vs. < $1 for SDRAM
for a PC)...


n2vip at bellatlantic.net

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> Ok here's a good one, I've never bumped into this one. I had 4 128MB
> 168pin dimms that came off of a AXi Ultra sparc mainboard all the exact
> same. I attempted to replace the dimms currenly in my ultra 5 ( 2x 64MB )
> with the ones from the AXi mainboard. Here's where it gets wierd. I place
> all 4 if the 128MB dimms into the proper slots ( or I assume ) the 2 64MB
> dimms are removed. The boot prom reads that I have 1024MB of ram. At
> first I was quite happy that the dimms were incorrectly labeled, and I
> now had a GB of memory. But behold I get kernel panics as soon as the
> login window appears ( sometimes even before then ). I brought back the
> memory to the AXi board and they register as 128 meg dimms not 256 as my
> ultra 5 reads them. I've tested them and there appears to not be any flaws
> in the dimms. Is there a incompatiblity issue here? ??? The dimms I've
> removed are 60ns and the ones I'm putting in are 60ns. I'd also like to
> know if a PROM update might help. I can't remember my prom code so that
> doesn't help much. But if you can think of something it would be a great
> help. I'd just love to get this thing working with 512MB of ram.
> Thanks
> Dan
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