[SunRescue] any ham radio operators?

bobk bobk at sinister.com
Tue May 30 11:29:23 CDT 2000

On Mon, 29 May 2000, Bill Bradford wrote:

> Anybody on either of these two lists an amateur radio operator?  If so, got
> any used equipment for sale? 8-)  I'm finally getting my licenes in a couple
> of weeks (was gonna do it in February, but a job switch messed all of that
> up..)

Welcome to the fold bill! there's a lot of similarity between people
on this list and the better type of ham radio operator.

THat being said, I might have some equipment I can part with. I'll have to
take a complete inventory and see what else might go, but I have an old
heathkit crystal-controller 2 meter mobile that would be a good cheap way
to start in 2m.

I am considering selling my Heathkits, I have an HW-100 and HW-101, both
solid, but old (the HW-100 was made in 1965!). In case you are unfamiliar
with them, they do 80-10 SSB & CW, something like 100W output.

If you are interested in packet, I might want to sell my old Kantronics

It would be great to see more sun guys in the radio scene. Traditionally,
most of the ham software has been for ms-dos (for the past ten years.
before that the C-64 was most popular). There's a lot of activity now in
Linux, but it seems mostly x86 based. It would be great to take an old IPC
and make it a packet BBS (this is one place the slowness of the serial
ports on an IPC doesn't matter). Of course, I bet a lot of the linux
software could be ported to sunos, netbsd, or whatever sun OS you are
running. The linux kernel soundcard-modem stuff is really great, but I
don't think there's any support for the Sun sound system in it.

--bob (damned yankee)

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