[SunRescue] SunOS 4.*

Ido Dubrawsky ido at physics.utexas.edu
Sun May 28 07:30:15 CDT 2000

On Wed, 24 May 2000, Dave McGuire wrote:

> On May 24, Cameron Berkenpas wrote:
>   It really has little or nothing to do with anything Sun-specific.
> Give this a try:
>   I assume you've got a working machine with a comm program on it, or
> a real terminal.  Get a serial cable plus whatever gender-benders
> you'll need to connect the two serially.  If there's a keyboard
> plugged into the SPARCstation, unplug it.  Power it up.  If you
> don't see the bootup messages, you'll need to insert a null modem
> into the serial line.
At work, we use the Cisco male 25-PIN connector to plug into the Sun's ttyA
and on my laptop I hook in the Cisco 9-PIN connector (these connectors come
with every router and other piece of network equipment I've gotten from 
Cisco).  You then just use a standard CAT-5 ethernet cable between the two and
voila! Instant TTY console on your Sun box...  For terminal software, I use
minicom (you can even get it to work on a Solaris box and it's great...)


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