[SunRescue] VT420 termcap/terminfo entries?

Volker Schmidt volker at Illuminatus.MZ.Rhein-Main.DE
Sat May 27 01:18:01 CDT 2000


Quoting Paul Khoury - Tech Support (pkhoury3 at earthlink.net) [000526 17:47]:
> Anyone have any links for a termcap or terminfo entry I could
> add for my VT420?

Most recent I know is inside the ncurses distribution. For years
this was located on <URL:ftp://ftp.clark.net/pub/dickey/>, but it seems
moving. ftpsearch ist your friend.

> I'm using VT220 emu now, but would like to use VT420.  Also,
> does Solaris automatically choose from either /etc/termcap or
> /usr/lib/terminfo, or do I have to set it somewhere as to where
> to look?

Check /etc/inittab for a console entry. In the ttymon line might
be a "-T"-parameter; change it as you like.

Celeste Stokely at
<URL:http://www.stokely.com/unix.serial.port.resources/> has very fine
hints on consoles, ttys and modems on SUN's, plus a bag of nice
scripts for handling the saf-, ttymon-machinery...


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