[SunRescue] Anybody want wireless ethernet?

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Thu May 25 20:11:56 CDT 2000

I've got a pile (actually, two) Proxim RangeLAN/ISA wireless ethernet
networking cards, and a new-in-box Proxim RangeLAN/PCMCIA kit, along
with a floppy disk with the "latest" (last) revision of all the drivers
for the pile.

These are wireless ethernet cards that work with DOS / Novell / Windows
Networking (but NOT with Win95 or higher, unless you want to write your
own drivers).  I beleive they run at around 256k for data transfer.

These are *NOT* the RangeLAN/2 or Symphony 802.11-standard-based cards;
these are the original thing, circa '92-93ish.

Anybody want these tot play with them?  Offer me some trinket or something
nifty in return, and they're yours.. I've got to get them out of my way.


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