[SunRescue] SunOS 4.*

Cameron Berkenpas hiryu at transvirtual.com
Thu May 25 18:12:35 CDT 2000

On Thu, May 25, 2000 at 10:03:41AM +0200, Peter Koch wrote:
> Hi!
> >The question is, how do I manually change the ip on SunOS 4.*?
> >I've edited a few of the obvious files with no luck (like /etc/hostname.le0).
> Obviously you ignored the most obvious one ;-)
> Question: Why do make these Linux-centric guys everything so complicated?
> The IP-Address of the machine is stored in /etc/hosts where all other
IP addresses are stored too. No fancy /etc/rc.config is needed.

I did edit /etc/hosts, the system most not be booting anymore.
I got the idea that I had to edit a lot of files because you do for solaris, not because I'm linux-centric. ^_^

> >I suppose if nothing can be done I'll just break down and buy a monitor adapter.
> Any Sun will run fine with a serial terminal as console.

If I had a sun with a working monitor, I wouldn't be asking these questions.

I guess I have to install from scratch.
Know where I can get a copy of SunOS 4.* for the SPARC Classic?
> Tschuess
> Peter
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