[SunRescue] SS1000 questions...

Martin Frost martin at dsres.com
Thu May 25 17:24:37 CDT 2000

Mike Nicewonger wrote:

> Now, I am seeing conflicting information when poking about on the web, I
> have an SS1000, non-"E" model, I have recently acquired 4 new SM-81-2, that
> is the CPU with 2 MB cache. Can the SS1000 non E utilize the second meg of
> cache? or is that limited to the "E" and the SS2000?

I believe that not even the SS1000E can use the second megabyte.
The SC2000 has two independent XDBus which use one megabyte each,
but the SS1000E is just an SS1000 with the XDBus at 50MHz instead
of 40MHz. I may be wrong here, but I believe this is the case.

My SS1000E simply has eight normal 1Mb SM61s in. (If anyone wants
to send me eight SM81-2s, I'm quite happy to test them out.) ;)

On a related note, does anyone have a rack-mounting kit for a
SS1000 for sale/trade?


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