[SunRescue] Sparc 10's and 32MB memory

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Wed May 24 21:13:24 CDT 2000

>Earl Baugh wrote:
>> Sparc 10's CAN use 32MB simms, if you've got the right
>> PROM.  I've seen a 10 loaded up with 32's....worked just
>> fine.  The Magic Prom was one of the Ross hypersparc ones
>> from what I recall.
>Aaah. Something for the Sun-Ref to take notice...
>You have any idea what ROM-version this could have been?
>(Does this apply to all HyperSPARC-PROMs?)
>        /Regards, Bjorn

I'll have to check.  I believe the machine was running
125's but I'll have to call the guy who I had set up 
the box and see if he recalls. (He was working at a Sun 
VAR when I stopped by and saw the machine, so I suspect
this was a pretty well understood configuration.....)


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