[SunRescue] 3/60 toy today.... continuing funzies...

BSD Bob bobkey at weedcon1.cropsci.ncsu.edu
Mon May 22 12:08:45 CDT 2000

> I picked up three more tape drives for parts. Don't know if they work
> but one may be useful for your 3/60. I can check one out if you can use
> it.

Hey, I am all ears......(:+}}...

> I have two Wangtek 5360 ES and one Archive 2150 S.

Those sound like 150mb drives?  I would have to check the number on
the Wangteks.  The ones I need are 60mb, unless I can get the right
prom into th3 3/60.

> Also I have a 3/60 with OS 4.1.1. I can make a copy of the boot tapes 
> if you need them.

I have those, but need a drive to mount up in some kind of little box
or maybe in a dual box with an HD to bring up baby.  I have plenty of
boxes and plenty of drives with gooey rubber drive wheels (:+{{...

> Also I have a Eprom burner so can burn a Eprom if you point me to the 
> software you want. I will have to fire up my 3/60 and see what
> prom version I have. I remember burning an updated prom for one of my 
> machines.

Hey.... Now we are getting into the gritty....(:+}}...

The eprom images are on sun3arc.krupp.net, and I am assuming the 3.0.1
or maybe 3.0.2 is the one I need.  What prom chip should I send you
for burning?  I can round up one, and maybe someone around here has
an eraser lamp, still.

(Peter Koch... you know for sure which rom on a 3/60 with 150mb tape
and cd support?)

> Every time I see a tape drive in the junk I check the rubber and if its
> good I grab the drive.

I lost all but 2 drives now with decomposing drive wheels.  They are in
my 3/260 and 4/260, so I don't want to mess with those.  Even my RT
PS/2 external drives are finaly going soft in the drive rubbers.
Mebbie it is the heat/cold in the basement getting to the rubber in the
winter.  Dunno, yet.  Mebbie I just run lots of tapes (I got about
1000 of them I use for boots, backups and source storage).
> Bill K7NOM

Thanks Bill


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